Repertoire – from Bach to Bowie to Bollywood!

RepertoireOur repertoire collection is expanding all the time and we can provide music to suit all tastes including, Pop, Rock, Classical, Opera, Ballet, Viennese, Film , T.V., Jazz, Light Music, Musical Theatre, Tangos & Waltzes, Folk Music, Bollywood, Jewish and Christmas Music.

As we offer  such a mix of musical styles for your wedding or event there really is something for everyone in our collection!

Music Arrangement Service

If you have a special request that is not in our repertoire list, just let us know and for a small additional fee we will create an arrangement for you.   All our newly commissioned music arrangements are of the highest quality and arranged specially for you.

Here are our most recent new additions to our collections –

  1. “Outlander” Main Theme – Skye Boat Song (Quartet & Trio)
  2. Can You Feel the Love Tonight –  The Lion King (Quartet)
  3. The Night We Met – Lord Hurrron, from  13 Reasons Why (Quartet & Trio)
  4. I’m Lost Without You – Blink 182 (Duo)
  5. Feels Like Home – Edwina Hayes, from My Sister’s Keeper (Quartet & Trio)
  6. Wake Up – Arcade Fire – Funeral (Quartet & Trio)
  7. Love of My Life – Freddie Mercury (Quartet & Trio)
  8. May the Force Be With You – Star Wars (Quartet)
  9. The Throne Room – Star Wars The Force Awakens (Quartet & Duo)
  10. Game of Thrones Main Theme – Game of Thrones (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  11. Jurassic Park Main Theme – Jurassic Park (Quartet & Trio)
  12. Harry Potter Main Theme (Hedwig’s Theme) (Duo)String Quartet
  13. Perfect – Ed Sheeran (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  14. Wings – Birdy (Duo)
  15. Mardi Bum – Arctic Monkeys (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  16. Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast (Quartet)
  17. At Last – Etta James (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  18. One Day More – Les Miserables (Quartet)
  19. Where is My Mind – The Pixies (Quartet)
  20. How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding (Quartet with Tenor singer & Quartet Only)
  21. Halleluja – Leonard Cohen (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  22. Nobody Does it Better – Carly Simon, from James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me (Quartet)
  23. He’s a Pirate – Pirates of the Carribean (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  24. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  25. One Day Like This – Elbow (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  26. Paradise – Coldplay (Quartet & Trio)
  27. You’ve Got a friend in Me – Toy Story (Quartet & Trio)
  28. She’s a Rainbow – Rolling Stones (Quartet, Trio & Duo)
  29. Greatest Day – Take That (Quartet, Trio & Duo)

Just click on the links to see our full  Quartet, Trio, Duo, Solo & Bollywood repertoire collection –

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The Quartet performing at “100 Years of Hilton” celebrations at Hilton, Glasgow.