The String Duo

String Duo
The Duo at The Corinthian Club, Glasgow.

The String Duo

consists of two players – Violin and Cello, and is an excellent alternative to the full string quartet or trio.  The Duo also has a large and varied repertoire to choose from including plently of up to date pop/rock arrangements. We have just added 46 new songs to our collection!

This ensemble has a more delicate sound from the Trio or Quartet but still adds that same lovely string ambience for your event.

Whether you are having a party, wedding ceremony, reception or corporate function the String Duo will be a stylish addition to your event.

As there are only two players in the String Duo it costs less to hire.



The String Duo at Oxenfoord Castle, Pathhead, Midlothian.


Please click on the link to see our full String Duo repertoire collection.


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